About Artificial turf installation

Artificial turf is a must for playing sports. It ensures proper drainage during the wet season and requires little maintenance. When it rains the field is often rendered unusable with a grass field, but not so with artificial turf. Follow these steps to install artificial turf and ensure uninterrupted play.

  • Mark off the area where you want to install artificial turf. Remove the grass or weeds that are in that area.
  • Apply 3/4-inch stone aggregate to the area. Use a rake to smooth out the aggregate. If the artificial turf is installed without being evened out then the water will not properly drain.
  • Roll out the artificial turf. If you're using several pieces of artificial turf then make sure the fibers are all laying in the same direction. Trim down the 3rd row of stitches from the black selvage material.
  • Overlay the next piece of artificial turf by 3 stitch rows. Cut the edge to match the first piece of artificial turf. The pieces should be 3/8 inches apart.
  • Make a mark on the location of the seams then pull back the artificial turf to expose a foot and a half of the crushed aggregate. Roll the Mylar down the seam then apply adhesive and lay the pieces together. Apply pressure to the seam to properly install it and make it adhere.
  • Secure the artificial turf by placing a 6-inch landscaping nail every 24 inches. Apply infill to your artificial turf. Use a stiff broom to spread the infill.

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