About Blacktop work, residential and commercial driveway and parking area

Asphalt sealing will be successful only if the driveway is prepare first. Much of the work in asphalt sealing driveways is preparation and the right base and proper asphalt sealant are the keys.

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Did you know that we are not just asphalt sealing contractors, we are also the biggest in the GTA. We supply to all asphalt sealing contractors.

You cannot get a better parking lot sealing product anywhere. We Guarantee it. We also install the parking lines.

Did you know that not all asphalt sealing products are made the same. The most common asphalt sealing that is used in the GTA, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton is called oil base asphalt seal. This is not a bad product but, its design is mostly for residential driveway sealing because it does not get much traffic. On a residential driveway it should last 1 year.

Make sure when getting estimates, know what you are getting. Oil base does not last on a parking lot and wares in the first few months.

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