About Asphalt coating and sealing, residential

Asphalt sealing prevents your parking lot and/or driveway from spillage of gas, oil, salt damage, freze thaw damage caused by water.

Asphalt sealing reduces wear, make your property beautifull and protects your pavement investment. Maintaining a regular sealing schedule can greatly reduce expensive repair and replacement costs of asphalt pavement.

Sbergio Bros uses the best products on the market. All surfaces are machine cleaned free of dirt and debris. Oil spots are pretreated with an oil spot primer to insure proper bonding.

Areas near edges and curbing are applied with brushes by approx. 2 to 3 feet to avoid overspray and insure a neat, clean and proper sealcoat application to your driveway or parking lot.

A quality asphalt sealer and application will protect your asphalt from the suns harmful UV rays, oil, chemical and fuel spills. Unprotected asphalt will allow moisture to enter the "open" asphalt surface and work away at the integrity of the asphalt.

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