About Cable splicing, electrical or fiber optic

Two optical fiber splicing methods are available for permanent joining of two optical fibers. Both methods provide much lower insertion loss compared to fiber connectors.

  • Fiber optic cable fusion splicing - Insertion loss < 0.1dB
  • Fiber mechanical splicing - Insertion loss < 0.5dB
  • Fiber optic cable fusion splicing

Fiber optic cable fusion splicing provides the lowest-loss connection. Special equipment called fusion splicer is used to perform the fiber fusion splicing. The fusion splicer performs optical fiber fusion splicing in two steps.

  • Precisely align the two fibers
  • Generate a small electric arc to melt the fibers and weld them together

High precision fusion splicers are usually bulky and expensive. With proper training, a fiber splicing technician can routinely achieve less than 0.1dB insertion loss splicing for both single mode and multimode fiber cables.

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